Most frequent questions and answers

16GB or 32GB original, well-known brands with high quality, high input/output writing speeds, and class 10 at least. SDHC versions are recommended. The following micro SD memory cards have been tested and performed well with all of the SJCAM devices:

  • SAMSUNG EVO Select 128GB MicroSDXC UHS-I U3  Memory Card

  • SanDisk 128GB Extreme microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card 
  • Silicon Power Micro SDXC 64GB Class 10 (only with selected models)
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB (only with selected models)
  • Samsung EVO C10 32GB
  • Sandisk Extreme C10 32GB
  • Lexar EVO C10 32GB
  • Transcend Premium 300 C10 32GB

To learn how to update your firmware please follow our tutorial here. SJCAM have offered both a video & a step by step guide to get you out in the action as soon as possible.

Please click here to get through to SJCAM Authentication Page. And then enter your Hologram Security code to check whether your camera is genuine or fake. Optionally, if your camera is one of the WiFi models, you may verify its authenticity by downloading the Smartphone APP (iOS or Android) and trying to connect to the App. If your phone connects without any problems, then your camera is most likely a genuine SJCAM product.

SJCAM cameras can connect to a mobile phone with Android or IOS systems or a Panel computer via WIFI, the operation steps are as following:

  1. Install SJCAMZONE or SJ5000 PLUS software on a mobile phone or a panel computer (you can search and download on Google Play for android system, or APP Store for IOS system.(Or Find a link here for download)
  2. After power on, press WIFI key on the camera, WIFI icon displays on the screen, SJCAM WIFI displays.
  3. Enable WIFI on a mobile phone or a panel computer and search WIFI account according to the model of the SJCAM camera, then connect it with your device, and the initial password ” 12345678” will display on the screen of your camera.
  4. When WIFI connected, WIFI Connection Ready displays on the screen,
  5. Lastly open the right APP on a mobile phone or a panel computer, images recorded by the camera will be real-time displayed on a mobile phone or a panel computer. You can operate it via related icons related to the software or set function parameters of the camera.

Please kindly make a check by following steps:

  1. Please make sure your camera is original SJCAM ACTION CAMERA and also download the latest APP in aforementioned channel.
  2. Sometimes when SJCAM is updating a new APP (IOS or Android operating system release a new version), it would show only a temporary disconnection. After update is completed, new APP will be available for using.
  3. When above case happened, definitely SJCAM will take urgent action to get APP back to normal.

This basically comes down to the position Camera is fixed when making the recording, if you gear the camera to a position where it’s not stable or with huge vibrating or shaking, then the final outcome of the video may not be satisfying.

We suggest end-users to secure your camera to the surface as tight and cohesive as possible as you can and this will dramatically reduce vibrating.

Also please keep in touch with support@sjcamhd.com to know which are the most suitable options for mounts.

Please kindly check whether you have turn on the function of time lapse. If yes, please kindly turn it off, and then the video recording will be in one file.

For our cameras, the folloing models support the function of web camera:

SJ4000, SJ4000WIF, SJ4000+WIFI, M10, M10WIFI, M10+WIFI, SJ5000, SJ5000 WIFI

For the 5000+ model the WEBCAM function is still under development and will be added together with the new firmware.


Windows XP users should connect the camera by USB cable,then turn on the camera and choose WEB CAM MODE.

The image from the camera should appear automatically on your screen.

For Win7 or Mac OS X users,you must choose the option to download a safely proven plug-in and install it to enable the function of WEB CAM.

In most cases,freezing problem is in relation with the quality of the memory card,firmware version, or the device itself.

As a preliminary excluding method,we advise our users to get your SD Card formatted either by your camera or by using your PC to makie sure it is an original branded card with best working condition. An inferior, fragile or low speed card can lead to the camera freezing.

SJCAM strongly recommends our end-users to purchase a reliable memory card from a credible seller – Please see our suggested brands in this FAQ section. Also please make sure to get an extra memory card for backup.

Meanwhile, if your camera is still freezing after the microSD problem is excluded, please check our website at www.sjcamHD.com for the newest firmware upgrades, which can be a fix to your issue.

If you need an instruction on installation of firmware, please click go to https://sjcamhd.com/firmware/

If you have any other confusion for freezing, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Service Rep at support@sjcamhd.com.

You can click here to find a corresponding distributor in your country/area or the closest one according to your location: