(Because not all action cameras are the same.)

Action cameras are now ubiquitous. Literally everywhere, no matter where you go.
What’s more, is that there’s a plethora of brands and models out there. It has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. Heck, even my uncle owns one. And uses it.
These things are no longer limited to extreme sports and to the seemingly super-human crowd they’re associated with. They’re now used by regular people. By moms in their kitchens, dads on their cars, kids on their pets, workers in their office. Name it. They do fun things, crazy things, even things that you go incognito in your browser about. Just everything. There’s a YouTube video already made using an action cam. They’re here to stay. It’s already eating into the DSLR market, though of course, we all know they’re apples and oranges.

And now, you’re ready to get one.

But how do you really know which one to get?
Okay, it’s just a couple handful of things:

1. Feature set
You’re getting an action camera, it is meant to be used anywhere and everywhere you can think of putting it. So, aside from having all the basic features of a camera, like high resolutions, photo and video recording, it should also have all the bells and whistles you’ll need for whatever is being called for at any particular moment.

2. Support
Make sure the brand you choose has some kind of support that will keep your toy running for a long time. These things are designed to take some abuse, but being the complex electronic gadgets that they are, they still do break. It’s not really a good thing if you got something that if and when it breaks for some reason, there’s no one to go to for help. It doesn’t stop there either, your carry-anywhere camera’s software must also be something that can be updated. Things like performance tweaks, bug fixes, and add-on features that other users suggest to the manufacturer to have in there. An existing users’ community is also a huge plus, like on Facebook or on forums. Heck, even a community of DIY modders (the Do-It-Yourselfers) can even help you with things that you never thought were possible.

3. Accessories and parts
Your action camera type must have an abundance of available (and compatible) add-on equipment that you can purchase readily. Things like extra batteries, mounts, cables, tripods, led lights, and other such things. Because you will need them. You’re lucky if the manufacturer gives you a ton of them accessories. You’ll be amazed that you’ll have a use for them later on. Other things to consider about accessories is compatibility with other stuff. For example, some action cameras are built to handle the demands of 4K, but is highly selective of the brand of memory cards it supports.

4. Price
And it all boils down to this. How much are you willing to spend on a camera you’d be doing crazy things you don’t do with a regular camera? Like jump into the cold water with it, stick it on the side of your car, mount it on a bike handlebar, go white-water rafting with it, the list goes on. It has to be both robust, and yet, not too expensive. No point in having an action camera if you’d be too scared to use it because you fear it might accidentally fall off and gets lost. So get one that has all the above, but doesn’t break the bank.

And finally…

5. Your willingness to learn.
Each camera, each gadget, each electronic device, has its own learning curve. Your willingness to learn is the key to that. The device is just a bridge to what can be possible. You probably heard it in the photography crowd: “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.”
The possibilities and great joys that await you in the photography world of action cams is directly proportional to how much you are willing to learn. And that, can be just as limitless.

Catch you again soon here. 
We’ll be waiting for you in the forums when you’ve already chosen one.
‘Til next time, have fun!



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