8 Things That Make The Sj8 Series Better


8 Things That Make The Sj8 Series Better

SJCAM has been pushing its camera technologies further and further, we’re so far away from what we used to be.
This year, with the introduction of the SJ8 Series action cameras, we are proudly bringing in everything that we think will make you go “wow!”
These models have all those features that our users have been requesting, and then we had some fun by adding in even more.
If you feel that it still isn’t time for an upgrade, see these 8 things than make the SJ8 Series the cameras you have been waiting for, and decide for yourself:


1. Large 2.33-inch IPS display. 

The touchscreen display on the SJ8 Series is probably the best we’ve seen in the action camera market so far. Touch response is very fluid, the image-quality is nothing short of amazing, and it doesn’t do wild color-shifts when viewing the screen at different angles thanks to IPS screen technology. More details here.


2. Max ISO 6400 (PRO version only)

This is something that you only see in DSLRs, and it’s refreshing to know that when you need this much control in sensor sensitivity, it is right there, among other image settings not previously seen in other action cameras.

3. Ultra-long exposure photo timelapse

This is probably a first in the action camera industry, the capability to do a timelapse recording over long periods of time. We’ve incorporated long intervals into the firmware, including 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and a crazy-long 30 minutes! Best for construction timelapse photography that can stretch up to months of recording. Want to see an old SJCAM article with a YouTube example of ultralong timelapse recorded over the course of 14 months? Click here and watch the video in the link (“When The Going Gets Tough”)


4. Crystal clear 4K (PRO and Plus)

Ultra High Definition is not an easy task for any camera, the PRO and the Plus can handle 4K with ease. The top-of-the-line PRO model can even do that at 60 frames per second!


5. USB Type-C for superfast file transfers and charging.

Introduction of USB Type-C has opened up a range of capabilities not available to earlier SJCAM models. This new port allows for bigger charger amperages for fast charging.
And it gets better; using a special adaptor, you can simultaneously output video and at the same time charge the device, among other things. All with just one port.


6. 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization.

Not other SJCAM has this kind of video-image stabilization offered by the SJ8 PRO, we’ve added 3 more to the usual 3-axis electronic stabilization offered by earlier models, to compensate for unwanted vibrations and sudden movements. This further minimizes camera shake so you can have your subject in focus better for a much smoother looking video. Get astounding footages on those epic mountain bike trail rides, great for motorsports,  parkour, surfing, or even just going out for a jog in the park.

”6-axis gyro


7. User-selectable shutter speed.

What once was just guess-work, is now super customizable. You can now change the shutter speed manually. Not just that, the range is just astounding: from 1/500th of a second, up to a maximum of 60 seconds for those spectacular long-exposure shots. Go ahead and shoot that majestic waterfalls and create stunningly soft water streaming down, brighten up the night-time cityscape with lots of head lights and taillights streaking. Or use a fast shutter speed for freezing high-speed action like water splashing, a bmx rider doing crazy X-Games style stunts, birds flapping their wings, and many more. Have the most fun with your SJ8 camera, because now you have more control.


8. H.265 encoding.

The newest feature in the whole lineup: H.265 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). Previous generations of SJCAM only use H.264 AVC encoding in either .MP4 or .MOV wrapper, which of course, is already the industry standard when encoding video. H.265 is the latest advancement when compressing video, it allows you to have much smaller filesizes for the same image quality. This means you can have more recording hours on your memory card. Experience faster file-saves, better streaming, and playback, without compromising anything.


And those are the 8 things that make the SJ8 Series better.

These 8 things are, may we say it again, things that were not possible with previous generations of SJCAM action cameras.
When you choose the SJ8 PRO, the SJ8 Plus, or even the SJ8 Air, you will immediately feel the difference the very minute you hold one in your hands, and 8 being a lucky number has nothing to do with it.
This is no longer the SJCAM that you used to know as the low-budget materials action cameras. Everything here is premium. From the surfaces, to the lenses, to the firmware that runs each and every one of them. When you experience it, you know we put in a lot of time and effort into every aspect.

So if you’re still reading this,  it’s already time for you to head over to the SJ8 Series page (click here) because you want to find out more.
Also, there’s a “Shop Now” section at the bottom of that page too, y’know?


Other features not mentioned here that you may like:
• 0.96-inch Front LCD screen
• Dual-microphones
• Improved 8x digital zoom
• User selectable WiFi connectivity: standard 2.4 Ghz, or 5Ghz for extended reach and faster transfer rate!
• Can be remotely controlled via SJ Remote (sold separately)
• SJCAM Zone app-control
• RAW format capable
• Bigger 1200 mAh Lithium battery
• Dual UI, user-selectable






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