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Be A Sponsored Reviewer And Get Some Really Cool SJCAM-Sponsored Products To Review!

So you want to review our products and you have a solid audience engaged with your social media channels? Send us your links, get a chance to be chosen. As a sponsored reviewer, you get to choose up to 300 USD worth of cameras and accessories from our official webstore on

If you feel you have a strong subscriber-base with a good following, send in your most-viewed links for us to see. Once you get approved, not only will you get the above, but it is highly likely that we’ll collaborate with you on our up-and-coming products even before they are released in the market. Sound good?

Now if you think you’re ready, CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the application form.

Don’t forget to send your best links!

Of course, there will be a lot of submissions from all over, so not everyone who sends their links will be chosen, and only a handful of submissions will be considered.
So, the more subscribers and followers you have, and the more active your channels are, the higher your chances of being picked.

This year’s product highlights are:
1. The waterproof SJ10PRO Action Camera, an absolutely gorgeous piece of advanced action camera hardware that you shouldn’t miss. Click HERE to get to the SJ10 PRO the product page.
2. The tiny little C100, the smallest SJCAM yet. Get more details on the C100 by clicking HERE.
3. The updated A20 body camera, now with powerful LED lights to light up the dark. Click HERE to get to the A20 bodycam product page.

Obviously, you are not limited to these models, you can choose any of the items found on our webstore.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your best links now!



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