Discontinued models

The following SJCAM models have already been discontinued. That is, they are no longer produced and sold on the SJCAM official website. They may be, however, still sold by SJCAM official distributors or resellers worldwide. SJCAM offers support for these models by providing up to date firmware files, as well as online technical support:

  • SJCAM X1000
  • SJCAM SJ4000+ (non-GYRO and GYRO models)
  • SJCAM SJ5000x Limited Edition
  • SJCAM SJ5000+
  • SJCAM SJ1000
  • SJCAM SJ2000
  • SJCAM SJ3000
  • SJCAM M10
  • SJCAM M10+
  • SJCAM M10 Wifi
  • SJCAM SJ360
  • SJCAM SJ360+