Our Smallest Camera. The Tiny SJCAM C100.


Crazy over video-sharing apps.

What with all that is happening in the world today, everybody’s getting into short-video sharing apps that it is absolutely entertaining to watch people have fun showing off their fancy footage for everyone to see, limited only with what they can do with their smartphones.

Enter SJCAM’s smallest camera to date, the C100.

This tiny camera that can be attached to almost everything frees the user from the limits.

Go ahead and dive into the pool with it, mount it on a helmet, on a guitar, on your car’s dashboard, on your bike, on your cat, magnet-mount it to your backpack or cap, wear it as a necklace, on a selfie-stick or tripod, heck, even go crazy with it and attach it to the ceiling fan for rotating video effects. Use it as a webcam for video chats and vlogging! Who knows what else you can come up with! No more placing the smartphone on a table worrying that it will topple over and ruin the shot when you leave it for your action.

”Smallest camera, the C100 on a lanyard

You’re in charge.

Whatever you can think of, this mighty-yet-tiny recording device is the perfect companion (or accomplice, for those stunts and pranks you’ve been secretly planning for some time now, just don’t put the blame on us for anything). About as small as the size of your thumb, you can almost feel the excitement going on inside waiting to be released. That button in the front is the key to everything!
What’s more, is that it isn’t just for shooting portrait or landscape mode in TikTok or Instagram; it can do some of the things a flagship SJCAM action camera can, can be set to record up to 15 minutes at a time, and a battery capacity of more than 3 hours (WiFi off), at a mere fraction of the price of the SJ8 Pro!
”Plenty of C100 colors!

Go ahead and escape the limitations of the norm, get the C100.

Ready to see more details about this budget-friendly yet super-fun little SJCAM camera?
Head over to the C100 product page, CLICK HERE NOW!




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