M50 Hunting Camera


This hunting camera uses pyroelectric infrared sensing technology (sensing animals and humans). Once an animal or human enters the right ahead of the sensing area, it will automatically start to take pictures or video. If entered into the left and right sides of the pre-sensing areas, it will also stimulate the camera to take pictures in guard state. This hunting camera is in a dormant state when it does not detect animals or human bodies. It is super low power consumption and could work for a long time in the field.

Double PIR

Super night version

Low power consumption & long battery life

Body rainproof IP65

1296P HD resolution

24M HD quality

2.33" HD screen

Support remote control

Support APP Live Preview

24M HD resolution

The photos you take are higher in pixels and clearer!

2.33" HD Screen

Watch in real time without hurting your eyes

Shooting speed up to

Animals approach from the front, the shooting speed is 0.2S, if the animals walk in from the side, the shooting speed is 0.5S.

Dual detection sensors

One main sensor, one sub-sensor. When the sub-sensor and the main sensor are turned on at the same time, it only takes 0.2S-0.3S to start the photo when the camera senses the animal.

12 meters sensing distance

When the animal is within 12 meters of the camera, the camera will automatically start to capture
Automatically turn on the infrared light at night, the acquired image is black and white

38pcs infrared lights

Even in the dark at night, it can shoot clear images

Waterproof rating up to IP65

It can completely prevent the intrusion of foreign objects and prevent the interference of dust and rain that affect the normal operation of electrical appliances

Long battery life: 8 AA batteries

Super battery life, provide sufficient power for hunting

Suitable for multiple scenarios

Whether it is outdoors or indoors, it is your best choice

Observe wild animals

Farm guardianship

Hunting observation

Indoor monitoring

Record hunting

Supermarket monitoring

Yard monitoring

Climate Observation

Travel record

Product details introduction

Packaging accessories

Hunting Camera X1

Strap X1

Holder X1

Expansion screw X3

Remote control X1

USB charging cable X1

User manual X1

Main Specification

Chip Novatek 96658
Sensor GC4653
Infrared light 38 pcs
PIR sensing angle 55°
Thermal induction distance 12 meters
Waterproof rating IP65
Lens angle 60°
Pixel 24M
Battery capacity AA battery (8 pcs)
Remote video/photo support App or bracelet
Screen size 2.33 inches
USB interface Type-C
Audio input built-in
Photo/Video format JPG/MP4
Video resolution 1296P (1728*1296) 30FPS
1080P (1920*1080) 30FPS
720P (1280*720) 30FPS
480P (848*480) 30FPS
360P (640*360) 30FPS
Photo resolution 24M (6544*3680) 20M (5888*3312)
16M (5376*3024) 12M (4608*2592)
8M (3840*2160) 5M (2960*1664)
3M (2400*1344) 2M (1920*1088)
APP Real-time sharing on social platforms
Storage TF card above Class10, maximum support 128G