1. 2K video resolution. Remote access for real-time browsing can be done from a long distance. Get push notifications so you are alerted for incidences and events.
  2. Battery-powered and wireless installation.Clean, simple, elegant, and convenient.
  3. Low-power consumption. The battery will typically last for up to 100 days on average daily use.
  4. Motion-detection. Video recording automatically starts when a person is detected within range.
  5. Super night-vision. Multiple LED or Infra-Red lights automatically activate to brighten objects within the frame during low light.
Low-power home cameras
PIR induction, low power, super night version

PIR induction

super night version

long life battery

human detection

The APP to share

IP65 waterproof

2K video resolution

wireless installation

thermoinduction angle 143°

event push

8 advantages of S1

2K video resolution

HD video recording
Record nice moments

PIR induction

Infrared sensors detect infrared light emitted by humans or animals and wake up the camera to record video/pictures

Super night version

LED light/infrared light with more options to enhance the effect of night version

143°thermoinduction angel

The large induction angle makes the view more wider

Low power long life battery

Trigger 20 videos every day, do not turn on the night version, real-time preview 3minutes, use for about 100days

Wireless installation

Battery powered, wireless installation, easy and convenience

IP65 waterproof

IP65 waterproof It works fine on the rainy days

AI human detection

The video automatically triggers when a human presence is detected.

Full upgrade

SJCAM S1 home camera, clearer display of more details, at the same time full upgrade to 2K image quality to make the visual experience more pleasant.

* Standard HD resolution:1920x1080=1080P(200MP)
   upgraded to HD 2K resolution:2560x1440=2K(4MP)



PIR induction
The sensing capture distance is about 10 meters

Infrared sensors detect infrared light emitted by humans or animals and wake up the camera to record video/pictures

* The 10 meters sensing distance is the test data of SJCAM laboratory, which may actually be affected by the environment.

Enhanced infrared night vision, clearly in the dark light

Built-in 8 night vision infrared lights and LED lights with more options to enhance the effect of the night vision, even in the dark night when you can’t see your fingers, you can see the views very clearly

*The picture just for reference only, please refer to the actual picture.

Lens angle 95° thermoinductio angle 143°

Built-in 4MP ultra-clear lens, large angle, ultra-wide field of view, wide range, panoramic view


AI human detection Monitor settlement event push

It automatically triggers the video when a human presence is detected.

Human detection
motion detection
event push

Wireless installation Battery powered easy and convenience

Wireless devices do not need to break the wall and wire the device is compact and easy to install and stronger

IP65 waterproof
Do not fear the rain and wind

It also works in the rain, making shooting fearless.

Low power Super long endurance on a single charge

Built-in 9600mAh lithium battery, strong endurance, low power consumption, more energy saving

Packing List

Camera × 1

Bracket × 1

User Manual × 1

USB Cable × 1

Expansion screw × 3


main chip Ingenic T31
sensor GC4663
Infrared light 8pcs
Thermal induction angle 143°
Thermal induction distance About 10 meters
Waterproof IP65
Lens angle of view 95°
Pixels 4MP
Battery capacity 9600mAh
battery model 21700
Fill light Super bright fluorescent lamp
USB Port Micro USB
microphone built-in
Photo/Video format JPG/MP4
Video resolution 2560×1440 15fps
1920×1080 15fps
1280×720 15fps
Net weight 253g(include battery)
Product size 90x55x44mm
APP Real-time sharing on the social platforms
Storage Card type class 10 or above, support 128G(Max)