SJ10 Series


The SJ10PRO is SJCAM‘s Flagship Action Camera that is capable of natively recording astoundingly crisp 4K videos at 60 Frames Per Second and is waterproof down to 5 meters without a waterproof housing. It boasts a 6-Axis Gyro EIS to stabilize up to 4K @ 30 FPS videos. The SJCAM User Interface is intuitive, well thought-out and is highly responsive on the extra-large 2.33-inch OLED IPS (In-Plane Switching) Touchscreen Display that doesn’t shift colors when viewed at different angles even in broad daylight. Everything about the SJ10PRO is a vast improvement over all previous camera models in that the internals and housing are made to be more robust and more rugged, that the moment you touch it you can tell a huge improvement in the quality of work and materials that went into making it. Equipped with a high-end state-of-the-art sensor, your images are sure to be absolutely crisp, detailed and vivid. Other than 4K recording, there are plenty of setting options on the camera you can play with, or just set everything to Auto so you can focus more on the action much faster.
For those going deep below the water’s surface, an optional waterproof housing allows your camera to safely extend its dive as far down as 30 meters.

SJ10 series


Take footages without taking Your attention away from the subject, Supersmooth gives you ultra-clear, shake-free image steadiness in video so you can focus on telling your story.


Normal Gyro/EIS

Without Stabilization

Waterproof Body

Go ahead and dive, your camera can go below the water’s surface like it lives there. Take it into the dust storm like it is any regular day.

Live Streaming

The world has to see your story as it unfolds.


Larger than life. Detailed slow-motion.

Your Perfect Vloging Companion

Start vlogging right out of the box like you’ve been doing it all year.

2.33 IPS Touch Display

See more of the action in realtime.


Get more out of your camera, now with a larger battery.

  • Capture

    Control Your SJCAM with Your smartphone thanks to built-in WIFI

  • Edit

    Download Your footage to the phone, Edit, tune, and add Your favorite music

  • Share

    Share Your moments instantaneously on the build-in ZONE Community or to social media

  • 4k 60fpsvideo recording

  • Sony IMX Sensor

  • Waterproof body up to 10m

  • 1300mah Battery

  • 2.33 IPS Touch Display


  • Live Streaming

  • 4k 24fpsvideo recording

  • OmniVision Sensor

  • Waterproof body up to 10m

  • 1300mah Battery

  • 2.33 IPS Touch Display


SJ10Pro Action SJ10X Action
Sensor Brand

Sony IMX377


Sensor Type

7-Layer Glass with 2 aspherical glass lenses

Video Resolutions

Up to 4K60fps without GYRO
Up to 4K30fps with Supersmooth GYRO Stabilization

Up to 4K24fps (interpolated)
Up to 2K30fps (native)
Up to 1080p60fps with GYRO stabilization
Up to 720p240fps

Photo Resolutions

12MP (4000×3000 4:3)
10M(3648×2736 4:3)
8M 16:9 (3840×2160 16:9)
8M 4:3(3264×2448 4:3)
5M(2595×1944 4:3)
3M(2048×1536 4:3)
2MHD (1920X1080 16:9

12M (4032X3024 4:3)
10M(3648×2736 4:3)
8M(3264×2448 4:3)
5M(2595×1944 4:3)
3M(2048×1536 4:3)
2MHD (1920X1080 16:9)

Video Format

MP4 (H.264 / H.265 HVEC)

MP4 (H.264)

Image Format



YES (2.4 Ghz 802.11 a/b/g/n)

GYRO Stabilization

Yes (Inner Six-Axis Gyroscope)

Yes (Inner Three-Axis Gyroscope)

Digital Zoom

Yes (8x)


Battery Capacity

1300mAh Detachable Battery

Battery Duration (Approx.)

140 Minutes at 1080P
95 Minutes at 4K60fps (Front screen and Wifi off)

140 Minutes at 1080P

Microphone (Audio In)

Dual Stereo Microphones

Mono (1 internal microphone)

Back Screen

2.33" UHD IPS SuperSensitive Touch Screen with SJCAM UI

2.33" UHD IPS SuperSensitive Touch Screen with SJCAM UI

Storage supported

Up to 128GB micro SD high quality 10class and higher memory cards.


Sharing (Facebook, Youtube, Sina, Custom)

Additional Settings and Options

Language / WIFI / Format / Auto Power off / Screensaver /Keypad Tone / Brightness / Color Temperature / Date Time / Gimbal Control / Frequency / Default Setting /UI / Version


Up to 10m without the waterproof case;
Up to 30m with the extra waterproof case.

What's Included
  • Camera

  • Base

  • Frame

  • Screw

  • 2x curved mount
    2x flat mount

  • USB-C

  • 2 x 3m adhesive