SJ10 Pro Dual Screen


The SJ10PRO Dual-Screen is SJCAM‘s New-improved Flagship Action Camera with 2 displays: one large 2.33-inch high-definition IPS touchscreen at the back, and and a 1.3-inch HD display in front for selfie-recording. It is capable of natively recording astoundingly crisp 4K videos at 60 Frames Per Second and is waterproof down to 5 meters without a waterproof housing.

2.33” +1.3″
Dual Screen
Video recording
to 5 meters depth
6-Axis Gyro
Live broadcast
Multiple modes
More ways to play
Smart APP

Waterproof down to 5 meters deep

All-metal body,strong and durable,rated down to 5 Meters, 30 Meters with waterproof housing; perfect for surfing, swimming, or snorkeling.

Upgraded metal shell, faster heat dissipation

The metal shell provides perfect heat management for better performance

6-Axis Gyro stabilization

Built-in multi-directional EIS sensor, detects movement and makes real-time image adjustments for smoother video recording without the shake.

4K/60FPS,high-definition recording

Record in ultra-crisp high-bitrate 4k resolution up to 60 frames per second for capturing those stunning details.

2.33”Ultra-clear IPS touchscreen + 1.3”High-definition display

2 displays for front or rear viewing with gesture control, simple and elegant design with only a single button




screen to body ratio


no-delay sensitivity

F2.8 Aperture, for brighter night shots.

Capture brighter photos and videos Even after the night sets in

A+ Grade 7-Layer Glass Lenses, 2 Aspheric Lenses

Housed in the assembly are 2 Aspheric lenses, that brings out image details,protected by a metal bezel, water-tight sealed to keep water and dust from getting in.

170°Field-of-view, with automatic distortion-correction

Live Broadcast Streaming

High definition 1080P broadcase,Live sharing anytime,active anti-shake,customizable streaming information

Improved1300mAh battery, performs well even in colder climates

Interactive smart APP platform

Custom-designed SJCAM app with video capture and editing functions, as well as a built-in social media platform