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Dual screen design
Six axis gyroscope stability
Atarlight night vision
more photos mode
Ultra wide angle
support remote control
30 waterproof
super microphone

4K/60FPS Clarity and fluency , I want them all

Revolutionary upgrade of the processor , up to 60 frames of native 4K video recording , and each frame is no longer “ambiguous “

Detail determine success or Failure

Increase the clarity of the photos by 2 times , and it is OK to zoom in and shoot

Good looking , both front an back 

The sensittive touch screen makes it easy for you to operate like a smart phone 

The key point is that you can also browse videos and photos in real time 

The front screen of “1.3” makes the selfie more casual and more creative

Why make do with running and cycling?

The upgraded six axis gyroscoppe optical stabilizer greatly improves the image stability 

Even when recording while runing , you can get stable and clear video

Mountain biking and steep slope skiing are no longer challenge 

Diving , don’t be afraid

With the attached professional waterproof housing , you don’t have to worry about water even 

if you dive 30 meters deep. surfing and swimming are a piece of cake  

To see clearly , but also to see more 

Super wide angle helps you get what you see , and never miss any wonderful corner 

With ALS algorithm , it can intelligently correct the picture distortion caused by wide angle , make the beauty more natural 

Only during the day ? No!

Equipped with a new lens with a large aperture and stronger weak light shooting performance 

It can capture clear images in the dark night like the eyes of an owl 

When the option in turned on , in low light , the brightness will be increased by appropriate frame reduction 

When the option is turned off , Keep the frame rate stable in low light  , but the brightness will bedarker 

Can’t reach the camera? 

With SJCAm wearable remote control , you can reach the camera anywhere within 10 meters 

Easily control the camera recording and shutdown , and unlock various postures and playing methods 

Better to see and fear ,we did it 

The upgraded supper microphone element make a qualitative leap in the quality of radio 

And SJCAM intelligent noise reduction technology greatly reduces the Boise interference 

and restore the original sound 

Irresistible desire to share? 

Let your camera interact with your smart phone ! Just connect your phone throught WIFI

You can set camera parameters ,control photography and video recording 

on SJCAm Zone app , and quickly download your works to your mobile 

phone to share your joy with the world 

Download SJCAM Zone now 

Let’s edit videos andphotos together 

And share exquisite works with milions of SJCAM fans around the world 

Slow down can be very smooth 

Up to 120 frames of ultra smooth video can support 4x slow motion

Between speed and slowness , feel the movement 

Feel the passing of time 

Time lapse mode compresses the recording processlasting for the several hours to

play in a minute or even less , creating strange scenes that cannot be detected

by the naked eye 

Worried about running out of batteries?

1000mAh large battery and low-power processor enable the camera to 

continuously record 4K video for more than 2 hours . The upgraded type-C

interface makes charging and external accessories more convenient 

Both performance and endurance ,we did it 

Not just an action camera 

When you connect the computer throught the USB cable , it will be turned into a 

webcam It can be used for network conference ad remote teaching . If it is installed 

in the car , rotate the screen 180º and turn on the car mode ,it wil be a wonderful Dash cam with super night vision 

model SJ6PRO
Video format MP4/MOV
Video resolutions 4K(3840*2160)30FPS / 2K(2560*1440)30FPS
1296P(2304*1296)30FPS / 1080P(1920*1080)30、60FPS
Screen(Dual) 2.0"LCD Touch screen /1.3"LCD Display screen
Lens Ultra wide angle
Remote control support
External microphone support
Photo mode Photo/interval photo/continuous shooting
Deformity support
Language support English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese
Traditional Chinese/Russian/Polish/CzecHungarian/Turbr/ key
Photo format 24M(5696*4272)
Storage Micro SD card, support 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
Frequency 50Hz|60Hz
Data Connections Type-C | Wifi
WI-FI SUpport
USB interface TYPE-C
Stabilization Six axis gyroscope stabilizer
Power supply 5V2A
Operating system Windows7.8X/OS X R10.8 or newer