Season of Joyful Celebrations And Magic



SJCAM has always been a part of our daily lives and special events, a watchful witness to the happenings as they occur, capturing the best of moments worth looking back to for those wondrous memories that we cherish. Now, Christmas season is already here.

Christmas is one of those holidays that we always look forward to.

As we were young kids growing up, we have always been anxious of what gifts we may find under the yuletide-decorated tree.
The mere thought of someone putting one there just for you gives you a feeling that’s magical!

And even as many of us have grown up, these are some of the things that we still expect, though we may not be as vocal about it as before, yet that longing for someone to remember us in some way or form, is very much there.

It’s the perfect time to bring that magic back.

This Christmas, why not give a loved one a gift, not just for the sake of giving one, but to show them that someone deserves their wish to be fulfilled. Let that gift be in the form of an SJCAM, so that they can capture and keep more new memories with it.
Even if that someone is you, because you deserve one after all.

So go ahead and put a smile on that someone’s face, and let it be remembered that someone cares.
Let them be part of this Season of Joyful Celebrations And Magic.

Experience that warm fuzzy feeling once again.
Say Merry Christmas with an SJCAM.


Choose as many cameras you like, and use the SJXMASS15 coupon code on checkout to get 15% discount on all items you see on the website!

Here are 2 awesome budget-friendly camera recommendations we know you’ll like:

1. The New SJ10X.

This is a budget action camera that carries over many of the SJCAM features that have been proven with earlier models, but with a far more robust and sturdier build that is also waterproof straight out of the box.

SJ10X Christmas Season 2020
A quick look at the SJ10X features:
• 4K 24fps
• Waterproof 10M
• 170 degree Super Wide
• 2.33” HD IPS Touchscreen
• 3-Axis Gyro
• 1300mAh Battery
See more details with side-by-side comparison with SJ10PRO CLICK HERE

2. The New C100+

The C100+ is an upgrade to the C100 model, a budget action camera that makes do without the LCD in favor of minuteness and extra long battery life. The beauty of an action camera is that it captures a wide portion of what’s in front of the lens, the C100 series takes full advantage of this so eliminating the LCD screen and simplifying camera operations makes it a worry-free device.

C100 Plus - Season of joy and giving
A quick look at the C100+ features:
• 2K 30 fps
• Waterproof 30M with case
• Up to 2.5hrs recording @ 2K30
• Photo and Video modes
• Timelapse and Car Mode
• Ultra-small form factor
• Plenty of colors available!
See more details on the C100+ CLICK HERE

Christmas truly is a Season of Joyful Celebrations And Magic that needs to be shared.
Whichever cameras you choose, don’t forget the 15% discount using the SJXMASS15 coupon code when you check out!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everybody!

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