SJ5000plus v2.6 version firmware download, v3.0 release for new hardware

Notice: SJ5000 Plus V3.0 version is now released/testing with new PCB to solve some problems it may happen on previous version. Please noted the new camera with V3.0 or higher will NOT compatible with V2.x firmware anymore. It means, you cannot downgrade your V3.0 camera into V2.x.   The new V3.o will release with new camera so we don’t offer download link for it.   With V3.o, it solves that streaks appeared when video working on  low battery or low power supply charging (car charger) conditions.

SJ5000 Plus 1.5″ LCD v2.6 firmware download link:  HD_74_2015-06-17-V2.6(1.5 inch)    SJ5000 Plus 1.54″ LCD v2.6 firmware download link:    HD_74_2015-06-17-V2.6(1.54 inch) Important: You may find SJ5000plus now has 2 kind of screen size. One is 1.5″ LCD , the other one is 1.54″ LCD. So that the update firmware will be different in future. If you have a camera before V2.4, it must be 1.5″ SJ5000plus, We will give different firmware name to two model of SJ5000Plus so that you dont need to measure the size of LCD screen.

If you upgrade wrongly, you may get “White screen” issue, please don’t worry, just use a HDMI cable to connect with TV, Computer, or even Projector. And then update the correct firmware

Firmware Update Instruction:

1. Format the micro SD card, copy the SJCAM_FWUPDATE.bin to the SD card root directory.

2. Power on the SJ5000 plus camera, enter to the menu, check the firmware version.

3. Press the recording button on the camera top side. It will prompt firmware update like below, just choose and press recording button to start the upgrade.

4. Wait about 30 seconds, until you see firmware update success.

5. Press the recording button, the camera will be restarted, done.

SJCAM V2.6 Update: 1, Solve: overheat during recording leads to crush;

SJCAM V2.5 Update: 1, Improved: Some problems with TF card. Cancel dual-bit-stream option, now you can only use large-bit-stream when recording; 2, Improved: The problem on iOS APP will show no image if without card installed; 3, Improved: The display problem when you set PAL model; 4, Updated: Update and custom APP interface, cancel Digital Zoom option to suit public version; 5, Optimized: APP interface is optimized, improving the stability of APP operation. 6, Added: Polish is added. SJCAM V2.4 Update: 1, Improved: WiFi stability.

SJCAM V2.3 Update: 1, Improved: WiFi can be run without insterting TF card now; 2, Improved: WiFi On/Off can be switched skipping restart process; 3, Improved: WiFi starting time and etc.; 4, Added: notice [WiFi Starting] when you click “record button” during WiFi starting; 5, Added: Digital Zoom Multiple focus will be shown; 6, Revised: ISO not working bug; 7, Added: Delete function on playback mode, click WiFi button when it is selected, a dialog box will be popped; 8, Improved LCD display quality;

SJCAM V2.2 Update: 1, Improved: LCD display quality

SJCAM V2.1 Update: 1, Updated: WIFI module firmware, modified several parameter, improved the stablility of WiFi Connection; 2, Increased: One Icon has been increased, it will appear when motion detective is on and flashing; 3, Revised: The motion detective feature has been optimized.

SJCAM V2.0 Update: 1,Solved: The “black conner” problem solved by software feature.

SJCAM V1.9 Update: 1, Combine the “subsection” and “loop record” features into one menu selection, you can select :Off/2Min/3Min/5Min, defult as Off; 2, Fixed: Auto restart after upgrading firmware; avoid stuck at 100% procedure interface which happened sometimes on some devices; 3, Solved: The recording voice volumn when TV out set On; 4, Solved: No Beep sound when set TV out ON; 5, Solved: No voice in a recording video when connect with HDMI output; 6, Solved: No Beep voice when quit “HDMI connected”

SJCAM V1.7 Update: 1, Auto screen off time change to 1Min no opperation; 2, Solved picture quality setting bugs; 3, Solved Auto shoot function bugs; 4, Solved loop recording off but only still auto cut into 5 mins videos;

SJCAM V1.6 Update: 1, Add Wifi SSID and Psw selection to Menu, user can change SSID and Password; WiFi SSID default: SJ5000+_XXXXXX, can custom 14 or less digit by upper/lowercase letters,digits and symbols combination; WiFi password default:12345678, usder can custom 8 digits combination;

SJCAM V1.5 Update: 1, When choosed CarDVR on, camera will record once WiFi complete started;

SJCAM V1.4 Update: 1, Solved 720P120 and 480P240 no sound when recording problem; 2, Solved high frame rates play on computer play speed;

SJCAM V1.3 Update: 1, When recording, long press Wifi Button to change to Wifi model, it will stop recording before restarting; 2, Solved EV value oppositive; 3, Add Wifi Led option to menu, can choose ON/OFF; 4, Change selection Car DV name to Car DVR in the menu; 5, You can take photo when recording video by long press OK button 2s; 6, Add status indicator light menu selection: 321OFF; 7, Solved time watermark location problem when video overturn and relevant issues; 8, Suggestion: Do not opperate the camera before WiFi starting completed to avoid crash problem; 9, Improved preview play back loading method to decrease crash probability; 10, Improved Photo Mode to decrease crash probability; 11, Improved menu switch method to decrease crash probability;

SJCAM V1.2 Update: 1, EV Default as 0; 2, Bitrate increase; 3, Solved when connect car charger and press Mode button stuck on preview page; 4, Update Time Stamp can be modified no matter Dual Streams On/off;

SJCAM V1.1 Update: 1, Version number SJCAM V1.1 2, File name changed to SJCAMXXXX; 3, Set SD card as default storage location; 4, Set power off time shorter to 2-3s after long press model button; 5, Set press Wifi button 1s to enter wifi model; 6, Change photo shoot sound to louder one; 7, Change buttons beep to louder one; 8, Change buid-in Nandflash will not be recognized, without insert SD card cannot run WIFI function; 9, Update when playback by Apple App will force appcrash, update several selection non-content;

SJCAM V1.0 First Realease



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