SJ8 Series Battery Test


Battery Test of the SJ8 Series.

I just did a real-world battery-runtime test of two of the SJ8 Series, the SJ8 Pro and the SJ8 Plus, comparing the 4K cameras side-by-side since these new models are given the battery upgrade from the usual SJCAM 900mAh, to 1200mAh.

The Test Setup

The test setup was simple, I run them both on their highest possible resolution, but without other things like Wifi and continuous LCD use.
Both cameras are new, and their batteries have been full-cycle charged and discharged for a total of 3 times only, since I always plug them into the charger every time they go below 50% anyway; rechargeable Lithium batteries are happier when you do this, than allowing them to fully discharge.
I set both units to their maximum resolutions, turned off WiFi, and set the screen timeout to 1 minute prior to charging the batteries one last time.

sj8 battery test setup

NOTE: This test is by no means scientific, the camera units are on a table without their waterproof cases on, and I let the cameras run until their batteries die.
I had a small-sized fan blowing towards them because I know I might encounter heat because of the process-intensive Ultra-High Definition (UHD) recording.

Each camera was set to record at the shortest possible video length it has on their respective menus so in case the battery would die I would still have a recording saved onto the card. I did this because I was afraid that if the battery dies out and a recording is going on, it would not save the current video and I will be left with nothing to base on. In this case, the SJ8 PRO’s shortest is 1 minute, and the SJ8 Plus’s is 3 minutes.

SJ8 series plus blower

Another thing to note is that, this test was done in summer, in a tropical country (thus, the fan). Which means that the results below may be due to my environmental conditions. Your battery mileage may vary depending on what your “normal room temperature” is. It is observed that even with so many new battery chemistries and technologies, temperatures near or below freezing will give you erratic behavior (either it may not completely take a charge, or it just won’t discharge properly).

So, on with the test.

First subject…
Running 4K @ 60 frames per second, WiFi off, screen timeout set to 1 minute.
Test started, tick-tock tick-tock… and here are the results.

SJ8 Pro Total files 1

SJ8 Pro total files 2

MP4 Files total: 95
Video length per file: 1 minute
Windows file properties show 1 hour 36 minutes of total video length.

Next subject
Running 4K @ 30 frames per second, WiFi off, screen timeout set to 1 minute.
Test started, tick-tock tick-tock, and here are the results:

SJ8 PLUS Battery Test1

SJ8 PLUS Battery Test 2

MP4 Files total: 34
Video length per file: 3 minutes
Windows file properties report 1 hour 42 minutes of total video length.

What we know now after these tests is that the 1200mAh battery clearly lasts more than an hour and a half. Remember that these are tests of the cameras at their maximum available resolutions. So it seems that there isn’t a lot of difference compared with the older 900mAh batteries (see my other battery test HERE), but once you take into consideration the size of 4k data the chipset is pushing through it, I’d say it just fits perfectly. Lower resolutions may give you longer battery runtimes. That, we will look into next.

I am currently doing additional tests to supplement this post with the runtimes on different settings, like lower resolutions, and probably another one with WiFi on.
Stay tuned, I will probably add more here. Join the discussions in the community forums:

Got suggestions or feedback regarding this post? Send me an email through with the subject line: “BATTERY TEST FEEDBACK”

Also see my other post regarding proper camera maintenance HERE: Caring For Your Camera

-Troy Ferrer



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