SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus v2.5 Firmware Upgrade Tutorial – Must Read!

  sjcam-sj4000+-v2.5-pic Hello SJCAM SJ4000+ Users and Resellers,   We have a new SJCAM SJ4000+ 2k Gyro Firmware Version 2.5 ready. There are several very important steps that we have laid out in the “Tutorial” and “Changelog” in the download link below. To make sure that you are very clear of the precautions, We will list the changelog and Warnings here: Warning: Once the SJ4000+ firmware has been updated to Version 2.5,  you cannot flash the SJ4000+ to lower firmware versions. This firmware is only for units with Versions v2.5 and below. If you revert back to a firmware version lower than v2.5 after v2.5 has been installed, you will brick your unit and camera will no longer be functional.   SJCAM SJ4000+ 2K Gyro v2.5 Changelog: 1, Fixes the Duplicate License Plate Number watermark issue under “LicenseNoSet” menu option. Also fixes the license mark not being removed when option is deselected. 2,Fixes issue when after the unit has been powered off, then powered back on again, the Gyro settings need to be reset. Adds a Gyro Sensor Quick Key – when using SJ4000+ to record or take pictures, gently press shutter button to switch the Gyro off/on. Press the button down longer for Zoom. 3, Improves automatic white balance (AWB) 4,Fixes left side of the screen has a line issue. 5,Enhances Wifi signal strength and improves Wifi signal stability.   Download 1: SJ4000+_V2.5_firmware-upgrade_tutorial   Download 2: SJCAM_SJ4000+_Gyro_v2.5_firmware_upgrade-package     Lastly, if you have any SJCAM Support questions, Please contact directly at:   Thanks,   – SJCAM Team          



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