SJCAM SJ4000+ v2.6, SJ4000 Wifi & Basic v1.0 Download Links

Hello SJCAM SJ4000 Series Users,

While we have re-launched the new SJCAM Official Website, we are still uploading our firmware download section.

For now, you can download SJ4000+ Plus, SJ4000 WiFi and SJ4000 Basic Firmware below:

SJCAM SJ4000 Firmware Download link: SJCAM-SJ4000-Basic-V1.0.1-Firmware

SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi Firmware Download link: SJCAM-SJ4000-WiFi-V1.0-Firmware

SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus Firmware Download link: SJCAM-SJ4000-Plus_V2.6-Firmware

Feel free to post firmware or technical support questions on our newly launched SJCAM Support Forum.





Please read this updated blog:  SJ4000+ v2.6



30 thoughts on “SJCAM SJ4000+ v2.6, SJ4000 Wifi & Basic v1.0 Download Links”

    1. Yeah it looks like they put the link to 2.5 in this artical.


      In this blog there is the link to 2.6….

    2. sjcam518129

      The firmware package has been updated: //

      Please read the tutorial first!

      Thanks for your guys’ patience.

  1. Hi guys,

    Since i flashed the sj4000+ to 2.6 i’m experiencing problems with recording at 720p 120fps. After a few seconds or sometimes minutes it just stops and begins recording again. It does this over and over and after a while it continues recording but then it’s stuck and can’t be stopped. The only way to stop it then is by totally shutting it down. Do you know anything i can do about this? I re-flashed it a couple of times but thus doen’t solve the problem. Hope to hear from you!!!

    (recording in 1080p 60fps and 2k 30fps does not give any problems)

    Cheers Alwin

      1. I borrowed a better sd card from a friend and you’re right, it works better now. But still at the end of arecording at 720p 120fps (fat 32, so max filesize is a bit more the 4 gig) it gets stuck and doesn’t start another file.

        1. sjcam518129

          Hmm, glad it works a little better at least.

          Hopefully, later firmware releases ca// improve on this front.


      2. How or where do i sign in to the forum? I can see al post, but it says tha you have to be logged in to reply, but i don’t see where or how to log in or sign up…

    1. Hello,

      Just a kind reminder to all to not flash your firmware if it is not necessary. Also, maybe try using a better quality memory card while recording.

      Please email us at support@// if you still have this issue after upgrading firmware.


  2. Attempted update from 2.5 > 2.6
    Flash successful but no change to version number.
    Also suffering from loss of date/time when changing batteries, but other settings remain constant.

    1. Please do not upgrade firmware if there is nothing wrong with your SJCAM. There should be new version coming out soon.


  3. Hi folks, Thanks for cleaning up the firmware download page/links. Can you also provide a firmware date along with the version numbers, please? That will also make it easier to determine whether I have the latest version or not, especially when a firmware update retains the same version…..(ie, v1.0 –> v1.0, which should never actually happen…)

    Also, could you please provide a link to older firmware versions (with version and date info), for those of us who need to downgrade for whatever reason?

  4. to 2.6 but it wont start now . Theres only an orange light how do i fix this pls help

  5. I just upgrad firmware direct from 2.2 to 2.6 but didn’t change the loader program! So my sj4000+ couldn’t boot only black screen why could I do , please help me ASAP thanks!

  6. Hello! I try to upgrade my firmware to 2.6. When i plug my charger yellow lamp is on and the camera can not start. What is the problem?

    1. sjcam518129

      Please watch this tutorial. We will upload the loader file soon.


  7. Hi! I recently bought a SJ4000 wifi. The image of photos are looking a litlle strange, with vertically elongated images. When I film, the images are normal. What it could be? The camera show the version: V1.1.1
    Could be it? Please some help! Thanks

  8. I’m having a problem with the new 2.6 firmware on sj4000+

    When I try to enable wifi using the up button, the camera locks up. It displays a white screen with wifi symbol but is then unresponsive to further button presses. The only way out is to switch off and on again.

  9. dobryy den’ u moyey sjcam 4000+ problema ne otpravlyayet Wi-Fi video v smartfon meizu a foto otprovlyayet do etogo byla sjcam 4000 vse rabotalo nepomu v chem problema?

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