SJCAM SJ5000+ v3.2, SJ5000 WiFi, SJ5000 Basic Firmware Download Links

Hello SJCAM SJ5000 Series Users,

While we have re-launched the new SJCAM Official Website, we are still uploading our firmware download section.

For now, you can download SJ5000+ Plus, SJ5000 WiFi and SJ5000 Basic Firmware below:

SJCAM SJ5000 Firmware Download link: SJCAM-SJ5000-Basic-v1.0-Firmware

SJCAM SJ5000 WiFi Firmware Download link: sjcam-sj5000-wifi-v1.0

SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus Firmware Download link:  v3.2 SJCAM-SJ5000-Plus-v3.2-Firmware 

SJCAM SJ5000x Elite Firmware Download link: sjcam_SJ5000x_elite-V1.1


Feel free to post firmware or technical support questions on our newly launched SJCAM Support Forum.



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14 thoughts on “SJCAM SJ5000+ v3.2, SJ5000 WiFi, SJ5000 Basic Firmware Download Links”

  1. what is the last correct firware for the sjcam 5000x 2kgiro? cant find any information….

    1. Hello,

      In order to create less confusion, we only uploaded the SJ5000x Elite firmware. We will write a blog post with the SJ5000x Limited edition firmware. There was only one version so if you do not need to upgrade firmware then please do not upgrade.


      1. SJ5000x elite firmware will not download, says page is missing. I tried using chat but had no reply.

  2. ok thanks for the help when placing the post then the SJ5000x Limited edition firmware inform me I think I need update as mine has some bugs .. the wirelles stops working after a few minutes and the video colors are strange . thank you.

    1. sjcam518129

      Please email us at support@// and we will email you the firmware.


  3. 3.2 firmware can be use on any sj5000+ camera or not?
    is it for 1.5 or 1.54 inch model?

    1. sjcam518129

      no, you need to check your version first. here is the upgraded download link:


  4. Is it available firmware for SJ5000+ 1.5″ ? cause i’ve downloaded firmware from
    c) SJCAM SJ5000+ Version 2.7 (1.50″ LCD): sjcam-SJ5000-Plus-V2.6-1.5

    and the archive file is empty. There is one folder inside this archive but no .bin or any other files.

  5. @sjcam518129 I have just bought an SJ5000+ and it is v2.4. Everything works well, but it gets very hot when it is on and I am concerned that it will damage the hardware if the heat continues. Will the firmware update you have listed above fix this issue and can I upgrade to it from v2.4? Thank you.

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