SJCAM SJ5000x Elite V1.1 Firmware – Download Link


Dear SJCAM SJ5000x Elite Users,


SJCAM has a v1.1 firmware upgrade for the SJCAM SJ5000x Elite Edition Action Camera.

Note: This firmware will not work with the limited edition version.

This release fixes several things namely the yellow tint in pictures and videos when indoors.

This firmware release improves a lot on other aspects as well.

If you received your SJ5000x with V1.0-s firmware, please upgrade your firmware as soon as possible.


SJ5000x Elite v1.1 sjcam_SJ5000x_elite-V1.1
For any other questions or support issues regarding the SJ5000x Elite, Please check out the SJ5000x Elite Support Forums.












17 thoughts on “SJCAM SJ5000x Elite V1.1 Firmware – Download Link”

  1. Norbert Wittner

    sorry – not “burst” – but “video lapse” is disappeared – Norbert

  2. Hi my sj5000x coming with firmware version V1.2 so its mean my sjcam is sj5000x limited? If yes Im totaly disapointed.. Coz the seller told this cam using sony image sensor. 🙁

    1. sjcam518129

      First format the card using Fat32 format. then save the file into the root of the card.

      Then insert the card and power the unit on.

      This should work. If you still do not know how to upgrade, we can make video.


  3. sorry
    i have 1.0s
    but the upgrade firmware not start

    when i connet usb power …. on display only 2 option for connect pc


  4. Help me guys! I have original sj5000x elite , 1.1-s firmware and the video lapse is not working good. Is not fluent when i use 240 FPS ( 8x ) . What can i do?

    1. sjcam518129

      Please try using another brand or better brand MicroSD card. the U3 card has been confirmed to work with slow motion.

  5. i stil cannot update my firmware
    please make a video

    i did all like you said but it starts up normal and not upgrading anything.

    1. sjcam518129

      Hello, Please try Fat32 format for the memory card. this should allow you to upgrade the firmware.

  6. good morning
    I just got an elite sj5000x
    It has the firmware 1.0s
    I would like to upgrade. but not start the upgrade
    I put the bin file in the root of microsd
    I attached power
    but not part of anything

    I also tried the menu … version … but they do not start anything

    1) what steps need to do to update ???
    2) which is the latest version of the firmware ???
    3) because the files are 4k 2880×2160? this is not 4k !!!

    1. sjcam518129

      Hello, Please try Fat32 format for the memory card. this should allow you to upgrade the firmware.

      Regarding the 4K, it is interpolated 4K. The latest version of the firmware if v1.1, but, we should have v1.2 very soon.

  7. Hi. Just bought a sj5000x with version 1.1

    My problem is with other video resolution aside from 1080. Video is dirty, it is like watching from an old VHS or Betamax. Although 1080 works fine


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