SJcam SJ8 Pro Review

If you’re an adventurous person who needs an affordable camera to record your adventures, the SJCam SJ8 Pro is an excellent choice. It can record 4K video and take 12 MP photos, and it comes with a lot of accessories. With excellent build quality, this camera can compete with the top digital camera competitors.

When it comes to performance, the SJCam SJ8 Pro action camera punches well above its weight. Video is recorded at 4K at 60fps and slow motion at 720p at 240fps. images are captured at 12 megapixels and are available in RAW and JPEG formats. There’s also a six-axis electronic stabilization system, 8x digital zoom, and Wi-Fi. one interesting feature is the car mode, which loops the footage and turns the SJ8 into a dash cam.

The SJ8 Pro’s design is closely related to the black box look of other action cameras. However, it has a compact size with a large 2.33-inch retina touchscreen in the back and a smaller 0.96-inch OLED screen in the front. There are also the usual USB-C ports, slots for memory card readers and external microphones. the SJCam SJ8 Pro comes with a host of accessories, including a waterproof housing that protects the camera up to 30 meters.

The SJCam SJ8 Pro has many powerful features. It can shoot 4K video as well as 12 MP images. It also has a built-in electronic stabilizer and an 8x zoom. When it’s not being used to capture your adventures, it can also be used as a dashcam. The large touchscreen is clear compared to many of its rivals, making the camera very easy to use. To add even more value, the camera comes with a number of accessories, including a waterproof housing.

SJcam SJ8 Pro Summary
The SJ8 has an excellent combination of price and features. It has a low price, but still has 4K recording and electronic stabilization, as well as 12MP images and 8x zoom. the large 2.33″ touch screen really makes it stand out, and watching playback through it is a pleasure. Battery life isn’t the best, but so are many other action cameras. This is an excellent camera for those who want something different.



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SJcam SJ8 Pro Review

If you’re an adventurous person who needs an affordable camera to record your adventures, the