SJCAM Zone iOS Version 2.4 on iTunes App store Launches

[ecwid widgets=”productbrowser search categories minicart” categories_per_row=”3″ grid=”3,3″ list=”10″ table=”20″ default_category_id=”0″ category_view=”grid” search_view=”list” minicart_layout=”attachToCategories”]     SJCAM recently released SJCAM Zone on the App store on iTunes version 2.4.  Now you can control based on NTK96655 VCR, by using your smart devices , Like remote viewfinder/preview, view the photo album . Application for SJ4000 SJ5000 and M10 Series SJCAM Action Sports Cams . SJCAM Zone V2.4 features include: . Real-time video preview . Control SJCAM Sports/Action cam start recording , stop recording , and shoot photos. . Setting the resolution of the DV, AWB, AE, etc . Download videos and photos from SJCAM Action Cam SJCAM Zone V2.4 Patches and Fixes include: – Fixes the app showing unwarranted warning messages. – Patches the Wifi connection issue that SJCAM users sometimes experienced. Feel free to download the SJCAM Zone V2.4 directly from the iTunes Store APK Downlad here

sjcam zone v2.3.1.ipa


SJCAM Zone Version 2.4 Apple iTunes App
SJCAM Zone Version 2.4 Apple iTunes App
640X960 sjcam-zone-ios-apk-sj4000-sj5000-m10 sjcam-zone-ios-apk-sj4000-sj5000-m10-01 sjcam-zone-ios-apk-sj4000-sj5000-m10-02  



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