The All-New SJ4000X – Waterproof Upgrade


The All-New SJ4000X – Waterproof Upgrade

SJCAM’s most popular model will be getting a makeover. It is now getting the waterproof treatment!
Presenting the SJ4000X, all the features that you love on the SJ4000 plus many of the functions and capabilities of the M20 and SJ6 Legend, but all in a waterproof housing that can withstand depths of up to 10 Meters right off the box.


Following the release of the already-waterproof SJ9 Series, comes the latest iteration of the ever-popular super-simple SJ4000, the SJ4000X. It is for the very first time that the series will get not just a waterproof upgrade, but everything else in it, especially the highly requested touchscreen. And just as it takes the form-factor and shape of the SJ9 Strike, its battery will also benefit from the additional boost in capacity.

What makes this different from all the others is what has made the SJ4000 series so sought-after: ease of use and price point. Although the price will be announced in the next couple of weeks, with all things considered, it will be released in the middle of July. Just in time for summer for most people in the western region.

So if you have an SJ4000, the SJ4000X is the next step higher when you upgrade.
Your old time friend, now your beach-buddy.





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